What’s the Deal with Weed Edibles?

Cannabis companies have been diving headfirst into nanotechnology in recent months and for good reason; they have finally solved the ever-elusive gamble of when your edible will kick in! With an average onset time of 60-90 minutes, traditional edibles can feel unpredictable and even intimidating for new consumers or those searching for a consistent experience. However, with the emergence of nanotechnology in cannabis, this is all changing for the better.


Not only does nanotechnology offer consumers a faster onset time of 15-20 minutes, it can also increase the bioavailability, or the absorption rate, of cannabis into the bloodstream. Moreso, “the more bioavailable a product is, the less you’ll need of that product to experience the desired effects,” explains Mashable writer Morgan Sung. This new technology is a game-changer for brands that are working to create a consistent product that elicits the same effect using the same dosage time and time again.


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