Get Scientifically Better Sleep with CBN

Chances are you’ve seen CBN everywhere lately. From new products at your favorite dispensary to wellness experts touting its many benefits, the popularity of this cannabinoid is not going away anytime soon. But, what is it, exactly? Chemically similar to CBD, CBN induces several of the same effects in the body, including relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep. Consumers have reported seeing dramatic, positive results after using products with a combination of CBN, THC, and even CBD, with most consumers reporting that this winning formulation has changed the way they sleep.


There’s some verifiable data behind these results, too! According to Psychology Today, “there are indications that CBN is a powerful sedative. Research in mice has shown that CBN can prolong sleep time. Some research indicates CBN’s sedative effects are amplified when combined with THC.” In short, when present together, THC, CBN, and CBD work hand in hand to enhance each other’s sleep promotion properties.


Sleep is crucial to the health and well-being of humans, yet 2020 has introduced numerous unexpected stressors that may be making sleep difficult for many. According to Forbes, “since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a nearly double-digit increase in cannabis consumption among users…to deal with sleep issues and rising anxieties.” Moreso, when asked if they used cannabis to help manage any conditions, “a majority (78 percent) of respondents said yes, with 69 percent citing sleep.” There’s never been a more important time to lean into the natural, sleep-inducing benefits of CBN.


Even older adults who may not have shown interest in cannabis previously are starting to explore the holistic health benefits of this powerful plant. University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers report, “older adults use cannabis primarily for medical purposes to treat a variety of common health conditions, including pain, sleep disturbances and psychiatric conditions like anxiety and depression.”


With so many consumers dabbling and/or upping their cannabis consumption to aid in sleep, CBN is the health-conscious answer many have been seeking. When it comes to choosing a CBN-infused product that best suits your needs, there are a variety of options on the market.