Fast-Acting NANO5 – Now Available in Citrus

We’re thrilled to take our NANO5 ratios to the next level with the launch of our brand new Citrus Flavor! This energizing addition will make your daily dosing tastier than ever. Add NANO5 to any drink for a delicious, medicated boost or enjoy it on its own for the ultimate on-the-go pick-me-up. Find out where to shop here.

About NANO5: Our nanoparticles offer the highest bioavailability delivery system in the industry, better than tinctures, capsules, or edibles. What this means is that the degree and rate cannabis is absorbed into the bloodstream is faster and more efficient with NANO5. Due to this high absorption rate, 1 mg of cannabinoids in NANO5 is equivalent to 5mg of other tinctures, making it 5x more effective. Our solution achieves perfect dispersion so that each dose contains exactly the same amount of medicine, providing a consistent experience. With NANO5, you can dose with confidence. Fast. Effective. Predictable. Trust the science of NANO5.