Kanha fast acting edibles featured on benzinga

Kanha Nano Gummies Earn a Rave Review From Benzinga Writer Jeff Siegel

“I’ve seen plenty of similar offerings boasting fast onset times, but this is the only one that’s delivered for me.”

Kanha Nano rapid-onset gummies were featured in this week’s Bulls And Bud Of The Week: How To Get A Piece Of The Mexico Cannabis Market And Fast-Acting Edibles With Sunderstorm. In it, Jeff Siegel, the co-founder and managing editor of Green Chip Stocks, a private investment community focused on socially-responsible investing, praises Kanha Nano’s “ability to deliver a quality experience with a faster onset time, which puts Sunderstorm in a position of strength heading into 2020.”

Jeff applauds Kanha Nano for both tasting delicious and providing consistent dosing, which have helped earn us a loyal spot in his stash. “Much like Defonce and PLUS Products, I suspect Sunderstorm’s ability to create a viable brand that can effectively compete in a fiercely competitive market environment, is going to make it a very attractive acquisition target once the prohibition of cannabis is lifted.”

As the pioneers of Cannabis nanotechnology, we’ve taken our award-winning, great-tasting Kanha gummies, and infused them with nanomolecular technology to deliver the first fast-acting edible in the industry. The most recent addition to the Kanha Nano family is Kanha Nano Vegan, which offers the same delicious gummy using a vegan base. No need to wait for the effect! You’ll feel the bliss in half the time.

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