Exploring Cannabinoids in the Future of Medicine

By Cameron Clarke

Only five years have passed since the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) definitively recognized “Marijuana as Medicine” on its website. Most Americans already knew it was, but this admission marked a pivotal turning point for what was once an avidly anti-cannabis agency. NIDA has funded numerous clinical studies into medical cannabis since the 2017 admission, essentially changing its research stance from roadblocks to roadways, with proper research starting to accelerate. We’ve made a big leap forward in the past five years, but medical cannabis is positioned for significantly more progress by 2027. 


This health and wellness transformation is the topic at hand when I join three other panelists for “Exploring Cannabinoids in the Future of Medicine” at South by Southwest (SXSW) on March 14. 


Cannabinoids are organic compounds found in cannabis plants, and many like cannabigerol (CBG), cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have therapeutic potential in treating conditions like pain, nausea, epilepsy, obesity, wasting disease, addiction, and autoimmune disorders. Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids and terpenes that vary from strain to strain, so the data collected in these large-scale studies can help identify proper dosage, specific cannabinoid targets, and standard treatment regimes. This represents the immediate future of cannabinoid research, but as the big picture comes into focus, cannabinoid medicine appears on the path to many more significant breakthroughs. 


Take a look at what we’re doing here at Sunderstorm with more efficient delivery systems. In particular, our Nano edibles feature molecular technology that significantly reduces the size of the cannabinoid particles and then coats them in plant-based material that replicates the natural digestive process. The result is faster activation and the greater absorption of cannabinoids and terpenes, which, for medical use, could make a quantifiable difference in overall efficacy for conditions like chronic pain. 


The future also promises more patient-specific cannabinoid medications. Knowing a person’s genetic makeup can inform custom cannabinoid solutions that may produce more positive outcomes. EndoCanna Health, for example, uses its proprietary genotype and endocompatibility test to identify the optimal ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes and then customize the medication accordingly. Len May, the CEO of EndoCanna Health, is another participant on the SXSW panel. 


The future starts with a better understanding of cannabinoids and dosage, but it continues with customized therapeutics, advanced delivery systems, and genetic testing that may have medical applications beyond just cannabinoids. It’s these future-minded innovations that we’ll discuss at SXSW’s Exploring Cannabinoids in the Future of Medicine


If you’re in Austin for SXSW, come join the conversation about the future of medicine. Otherwise, watch this space for more information on the latest breakthroughs in cannabinoid science.

Restful Sleep Has Landed on The Shores of Massachusetts!

Hear ye, hear ye!

KANHA comes bearing good tidings amidst this blistery and brumal February: Now the good folks of MA can enjoy KANHA’s award-winning sleepytime gummy, Tranquility, and brand new 20:1 Cran-Pomegranate! This is a huge deal for us because it means that your favorite Tranquility gummy is available in all states where KANHA is sold!

How’s Your Sleep?

A demonstration of how difficult it is to sleep without kanha.
Who knew relaxing was so hard?

There’s a lot going on in the world right now and if you’re struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, I want to tell you that you’re not alone. Research by the CDC found that 1 in 3 Americans struggle with finding consistent sleep. From their study, we learned getting fewer than seven hours of quality sleep was directly associated with life-altering conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and even diabetes.

As humans, we need three things to live: food, water, and, you guessed it, SLEEP! So why is it that we’re so nonchalant about this serious health risk? Well, the consequences of unhealthy sleep patterns don’t seem as immediate as skipping meals or forgetting to drink water. With the busy lives Americans are living, “being tired” has become a default. You deserve to get a good night’s rest!

Start Taking Your Sleep Seriously with KANHA

Tranquility uses a consumer-trusted combo of CBN, CBD, and of course THC. This ratio has helped KANHA consumers all over the West Coast find sleep a little easier. KANHA Tranquility isn’t a sleep medication. You don’t have to worry about the side effects of long-term melatonin use. KANHA gummies are 100% natural. We adhere to a strict zero-parts-per-billion pesticide policy.

When you choose KANHA Tranquility, you choose a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you. Plus it tastes incredible!

The days of taboo are over! What some folks might not realize is that the use of cannabis compounds such as CBN, THC, and CBD have a natural interaction with our own human cannabinoid receptors. You can view the relationship between cannabis and our human brains much like a lock and a key. As a result, the effects that take place after a gummy is consumed are safe, blissful, and entirely natural.

And Now, A New Product Entirely Unique to Massachusetts…


The most delicious CBD gummy in all Massachusetts
It’s big, delicious, and red! No, it’s not lobster! 🦞


20:1 Cran-Pomegranate is available to purchase in dispensaries across Massachusetts. That’s 10mg of CBD and just .5mg of THC. For those looking for a more CBD-forward gummy experience, this is the edible for you. This refreshing and sweet gummy can only be purchased in Massachusetts. The KANHA crew thought The Bay State deserved a product just as unique and wonderful as they are!

Just as we said above, there’s a lot going on in the world right now, and sometimes the best thing you can do is take care of yourself!

So stretch your legs, grab some gummies, and most importantly

GET SOME SLEEP!!!! 🛌 💤 😴 

KANHA Ginger Pear Launches in Colorado!

Have No Fear, Ginger Pear is Here

An image using both ginger and pear as well as a host of other ingredients
Looks like an incredible hangover cure!


Amazing news! This week, KANHA successfully launched Ginger Pear all throughout the state of Colorado. This refreshing new flavor is now stocked on dispensary shelves from Durango to Fort Collins

With 10mg of THC in our special hybrid strain, you get the best of both worlds! Take Ginger Pear on the trails or stay in for a relaxing movie night. This is a super versatile gummy for any activity.

Ginger Pear happens to fall into KANHA’s incredible NANO line. This means that you’ll feel its effects as fast as 5-15 minutes! A quicker onset is certainly fun, but the increase of control and consistent dosing make this product perfect for those who are trying cannabis for the first time.

KANHA believes that cannabis is for everyone; that’s why we decided to add yet another flavor to our ever-growing line of vegan gummies. Most gummy candy around the globe uses bovine hoof for its gelatin, but our vegan line is completely free of any animal products. With a zero parts per billion pesticides policy, you know KANHA is the most natural cannabis gummy on the market!


Fun Fact: Ginger root and Cannabis have separately been used to treat nausea throughout history! Just imagine their powers combined.

Kanha Vegan Nano Ginger Pear
Delicious, refreshing, and totally cruelty-free!

Considered one of our best-tasting gummies, Ginger Pear is equal parts sweet and refreshing. The cannabis taste in fast-acting edibles can be hard to hide, but our expert cooks in the KANHA labs really cracked the code with this new delicious flavor! It’s fair to say you might want more than one 😳


Happy munching!



A Year In Review

We did it, everyone! We made it to 2022. Let’s take a look at a few of the amazing things that happened at KANHA over the last year:

Company Expansion

This year, Kanha launched in three new states across the country, making us a national brand! We are so excited to have the good folks of Nevada, Colorado, and Massachusetts joining us on this Joyful Journey.  We can’t wait to keep expanding and growing with you all in this new year!

Last Year’s Product Launches

Throughout 2021, we had some incredible industry-challenging product launches. At Kanha, however, we never want to stop creating new and delicious ways to taste the bliss.

KANHA’s Belts Line

What’s better than Frank Herbert and 50 mg of THC?

Exotic Series

Limited-Time Offerings

Who remembers the flavor?!?!?!?
A staff favorite!

A Year in Giveaways

Beach Bundle

We awarded some of our loyal consumers KANHA t-shirts, towels, and frisbees for a day out at the beach!

Red Rocks

In addition, over 20 special winners got tickets to experience their favorite artists (like MGK, Jimmy Buffet, and Wiz Khalifa) live at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado





In conclusion to the year, some of our favorite dispensaries in Nevada teamed up to give 3 lucky KANHA fans a custom KANHA beach cruiser


Events Throughout the Year

Firstly, we kicked off the summer by hosting a San Diego Beach Bash with a DJ, dancers, and live art by our very own Mario Guizar

We created a jungle oasis in our booth at this year’s Hall Of Flowers in Santa Rosa, CA

After that, KANHA brought the bliss to Travis Barker’s House of Horrors Halloween Party

Right before the holidays, we squeezed in one more huge event at Hall of Flowers Palm Springs!

In summary, we can definitively say 2021 was KANHA’s biggest year ever!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers For Stoners


Quick, quick! We don’t have much time! It’s already Christmas Eve and you didn’t get any stocking stuffers for the stoner in your life?!?!?

Okay, don’t panic! I’ve got just the list for you (and before you ask, I did check it twice):

Tokyo Smoke Card

Every stoner needs a grinder! And because of this the stoner in your life likely has one. Fear not friends, for KANHA comes with news of a nug innovation! The Tokyo Smoke Card works exactly the same as a normal grinder, PLUS, it fits in your wallet. The ease of use and portable ergonomics of this weed grater makes it a wonderful addition to any stoner’s collection. Not to mention, you can grind directly onto the roll paper. 

Rolling Paper

When it comes to rolling paper, everyone is different. Natural Raw is a great cost-effective brand. Their paper is double pressed, making it thinner than most papers. For a flashier option, Shine 24k gold Rolling Paper is certain to light up any stoner’s face on Christmas morning. As this option is a bit more premium, make sure the person receiving this paper has experience rolling! Rolling papers are preferential in nature but your options are just about limitless.

Personalized Pipe

Choosing the right pipe for the stoner in your life is no different than choosing any other kind of gift; you have to know their style. For the bohemian pot smoker, I’d recommend the Marley Natural Walnut and Glass Spoon Pipe, a gorgeous wood and glass pipe that any hip pot user would love to show off. In the opposite direction, we also have the Zinc Alloy Mini Pipe from ASDFA. All function, no-frills, this pipe is simple, easy to clean, and wallet-friendly. One of my personal favorite options is The Elephant Silicone Piece by QIKAFAN. It’s incredibly cute and colorful but also has the ability to stand up on its own! 

Smoke Buddy

If you’re chronically reading KANHA blogs like I am, you might remember our mention of the Smoke Buddy in our Thanksgiving Munchies: Tactics For Secretive Stoners. After taking a hit, you simply exhale your smoke onto this handy little sploof. It’s easy to use and gives the stoner in your life more places to smoke weed inconspicuously; What a gift! 

Sugar Plum


Widely considered one of the best tasting flavors KANHA produces, Sugar Plum Nano is a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s delicious, shareable, and gets you lit like a tree in 15 minutes. Is it years of peer-reviewed science or HOLIDAY MAGIC!?!? Probably both! 

The Joy of Giving

We all know that feeling of watching a loved one open up the perfect gift. As we get older, the holiday season can start to feel more about giving than getting, and KANHA is honored to be a part of your loved ones’ Joyful Journey. 

However you celebrate this season, we hope you and your loved ones stay blissful and safe. 

Have a Happy Holidays! 

Thanksgiving Munchies: Tactics for Secretive Stoners


The Greater the Risk, the Greater the Reward


Everyone has their creature comforts when it comes to munchies: nachos, cereal, Hot Cheetos, leftover pizza; I could go on and on! Over the years, stoners have become more and more creative with their munchie gastronomy. For generations, pot users have passed down tales of these vehicles for melted cheese and savory hot sauce. In other words, an oral history of recipes and secret menus spawning cultural phenomena. Entire fast-food meals have been created and curated for this very demographic. Yet, here in the month of Thanksgiving, we’re gifted with one mystic meal that has eluded so many starving stoners.

The mother of all munchie meals. The apex of stoned snacking. The apogee of baked binging.

You know I’m talking about Thanksgiving Dinner.


A familial buffet of stock-soaked stuffing, endless potato permutations, sweet can-ridged cranberry sauce, and of course the epicurean protagonist!

You could bake it, roast it, grill it, smoke it… even sous vide it! At the end of the meal, the showstopper will always be the turkey pronounced (toy-kee)!

There is only one thing keeping millions of hungry high folks around the nation from joining in on this sacred ritual: not every household is ecstatic about “Mama’s little baby” getting absolutely baked before a family event. 

We believe stigmas about cannabis will be considered as ancient as prohibition in Thanksgivings to come, but in November of 2021, the folks at Kanha aren’t going to leave you hanging.

Here are some helpful

Thanksgiving Tactics for Secretive Stoners


1. Get Rid of Those Red Eyes


This is going to be the first thing that gives you up. This little feature of cannabis use could be the stiff arm keeping you away from the feast of your dreams. If you’re old school, I don’t even need to tell you about the power of Rohto Maximum Redness Relief Eye Drops. They’re a classic and are as commonplace as a lighter and roll paper in the house of a stoner. All this to say, it’s 2021 and I come bearing news of the future! Those that have tried Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops know its power. Although these drops are over the counter, they use brimonidine, which instantly relieves eye redness with zero side effects. Also, they last considerably longer than your average eye drops, with one drop giving you 8 hours of relief.

A side note: All products mentioned in this list are unpaid advertisements. If we mention a product, we just like it!

2. Find a Secret Stash For Your Hash


I think we’ve all thought a hollowed-out book would be a super cool spot to store our pot. However, we’re not all Bond villains, and a sudden interest in great works of literature is going to bring unwanted questions. The key here is finding a spot out of reach from kids and cousins and an area away from the thoroughfare of the rest of the household. Every situation is different, but the same principles apply: you must hide the smell! I’d recommend a brand like Herb Guard. It’s small enough that you could hide it in drawers or computer bags, but airtight and completely smell-proof! This seems like an obvious tip, but hiding your weed properly is going to give you some sweet peace of mind when chowing down on Thursday’s annual super supper.

4. “The Thanksgiving Walk”


Everyone with cousins might have a good idea of what I’m talking about here. No matter how you do it, smoking or vaping in the house is going to be a little risky. This is where the years-long tradition, spanning siblings and cousins alike, has come into play. Through neighborhoods, suburban streets, even wooded walking trails, cousins have been taking walks to smoke weed for generations! A great way to get some much-needed bonding with the canna-sseurs in your family away from the prying eyes of less progressive relatives.


5. Cover the Scent!


In the year 2021, just about everyone is familiar with the smell of pot. Whether it’s on your clothes or in the air (if you were so bold), that skunky musk is going to give you away. Fear not my friends, you have a few options here. For your own scent, we recommend a quick rinse with mouthwash followed by a moderate spray of some commonly used perfume or cologne. Just as simple as you would think!


If you’ve made the choice to smoke indoors, we actually have some advice for that as well. In the olden days, many folks would use what’s called a “sploof:” a MacGyver device made using a paper towel roll with dryer sheets stuffed inside. The concept is simple: take a hit from your joint or vape and exhale into the tube like a giant filter. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “There’s got to be something a little more sophisticated for purchase on the cannabis market?” With advances in stoner technology, modern stoners have been blessed with professional sploofs such as the Smoke Buddy.

Folks that prefer vaping might be interested to know about the existence of Philter, a device that aims to eliminate secondhand smoke and smell. Just like a sploof for vapes, Philter takes the “clouds” produced from vaping and reduces their effect on the environment and on those in close proximity.


6. Eat Your Weed


By this I mean: take some edibles, baby! The use of edibles solves just about every problem presented by our list. They transport easily, have no smell upon use, and can be covertly consumed just about anywhere. Never before could you look a parent in the eye while getting high. For all they know it’s a vitamin, just don’t let them ask for any! With this in mind, tolerance is crucial for edible use so if you’re new to edibles, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to test your milligram dosage a few days before Thanksgiving Thursday.

For a more consistent experience, I’d recommend going with KANHA NANO. The onset is fast and the dosing makes it an extremely wholesome experience all around. Depending on your comfort level, KANHA NANO comes in 5mg or 10mg dosing options.



Take these stoner tips and go forth into the world! Spread the good news of reefer and roast turkey, hash and hash browns, ganja and green bean casserole!

Like the turkeys in ovens all across the country, we too are getting super baked this year.

Halloween Movie Staff Picks! No Tricks, Just KANHA Treats!

Get your costume ready because Halloween is upon us! 

With the start of Fall, people have a lot to be excited about; cold nights, costumes, candy, PSLs, and some of the best movies ever made! From Hocus Pocus to Hereditary, the staff here at Kanha have some strong opinions when it comes to spooky fall films. And we all know nothing goes with a vibey movie quite like a KANHA gummy!

That’s why we decided to make a definitive list of the Kanha staff’s favorite October movies and the gummies they pair best with!


“What is your favorite Halloween movie and what Kanha gummy would pair best with it?”


Andy Carr-Hall

Marketing Coordinator

KANHA NANO Sublime Key Lime Hybrid


My all-time favorite Halloween movie will always be Young Frankenstein. I’m a sucker for Mel Brooks and was actually introduced to the movie semi-recently. It’s become a yearly tradition for me and my friends. Honestly, I think the absurdity of Young Frankenstein would pair perfectly with our Hybrid Key Lime gummy. Its onset is super fast and the high has always made me susceptible to nonstop laughter. Where to Watch


Logan Feldstein

Compliance And Licensing Manager

KANHA 1:1:1 Tranquility


I’m not a big fan of scary movies for the Halloween season but I have seen a few and the one that impacted me the most was “Signs” when I was younger, seen in theatres; directed by M. Night Shyamalan, with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix. Some don’t regard this movie as “Scary” but there were moments in the movie that stuck with me when I was a kid, sometimes I still think about it to this day. I would pair with our Kanha Tranquility gummies to keep me, funny enough, from getting too scared. Where to Watch


Kelsie Brouthers

Associate Brand Manager

KANHA Watermelon Hybrid Gummies


All work and no play… it’s always fun with a Kanha gummy! When Halloween comes around each year, my favorite movie to pop in the ole’ Blu-ray player is The Shining. The gummy that pairs best with the Shining is our Hybrid Watermelon Classic gummy. Too bad Johnny didn’t have any of these while he was stuck in the pantry at the hotel. Grab your tricycle and a bag of these bad boys and zoom on into tasting the bliss! Don’t take too many though, or you may find yourself stuck in the maze! Happy Halloween! Where to Watch


Jay Cho 

Digital Media Manager

KANHA Sour Cherry Limeade Belts


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me an excuse to buy all discount Halloween candy a couple of days later. I think my favorite “Halloween” movie would have to be Pan’s Labyrinth, not only because of the scary element but also because of the political allegory behind the film. Best to watch Pan’s Labyrinth while lit off Kanha Sour Cherry Limeade Belts. Hot Cheetos is a good follow-up snack for when you get hungry afterward too! Where to Watch


Nicholas Mireles

Events Manager  

KANHA NANO Passionfruit Paradise


My Halloween classic is Practical Magic. The bond between the two sisters reminds me of the unbreakable ties between my own sister and me. The motif and themes are a timeless tale of witches in the modern era. Whatever movie I choose to celebrate the season, I grab a bag of Passion Fruit Paradise gummies to replace my normal bag of candy. I am able to continuously snack while creating a mellow high throughout my movie enjoyment. Where to Watch

Katie Rutecki

Marketing Brand Manager

KANHA NANO Vegan Blood Orange Bliss


My favorite Halloween movie is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I love this movie because it culminates what the Halloween spirit is all about–friends, fun, and of course, pumpkins! Kanha’s Vegan Blood Orange Bliss is the best buddy to watch this movie with. The “Blood” in Blood Orange helps set the mood, and the fast-acting effects bring the bliss before the opening credits are done rolling. Where to Watch

Parker Reinhart

Purchasing Manager

KANHA Sativa Cherry Gummies


I would choose the movie Hereditary and would pair it with any of our Sativas because that movie, like a Sativa gummy, tends to heighten my senses! Where to Watch







With all these options, you know the Kanha team’s got your back this year. So, grab your favorite gummy and get set for a wonderful Halloween this 2021!

There’s really nothing like candy and a movie 😉


Tranquility Wins Silver in High Times Cannabis Cup NorCal


Drum roll please! KANHA is proud to announce that we won second place in the High Times Norcal Cannabis cup for edible gummies. 

The High Times Norcal Cannabis Cup is an annual competition judged by the wonderful people of Northern California. Our CBN sleep gummy, Tranquility, was voted the second-best overall gummy edible out of 13 categories!

High Times Cannabis Cup NorCal runner up for best gummy edible in the market!
Tranquility Sleep Gummy

Tranquility is one of our flagship sleep KANHA Gummies. We use a potent combo of THC, CBD, and CBN, KANHA to create the perfect aid for falling asleep and staying asleep. 

We are honored to receive this award from such an awesome organization! But at the end of the day, we’re just glad you all love Tranquility as much as we do!


Make sure to check out the other incredible winners!