Father and Daughter Laughing. photo credit: Subscription Boxes For Men

Parents, Pot, And The Perception Of Cannabis in the American Home.

Cannabis for Curious Parents


The sun through a pot leaf
The future looks green!

The stigma against parents’ safe consumption of cannabis is callous and outdated. At KANHA, we believe all legal adults should have access to cannabis products free of judgment and tired standards. This of course includes parents!

This past year, cannabis use has helped parents manage anxiety and relax in the midst of COVID-19. A report from Yahoo News showed that fifty-four percent of pot consumers are indeed parents. These stats are only increasing as more and more parents stand up to crumbling prejudices. One such pioneer paving the way for pot-friendly parenting is Jessica Gonzalez, known around the cannabis community for posting good vibes and promoting mental health as her brand The Mommy Jane. Jessica has jumped to the front lines in the defense of cannabis use as a helpful tool for any parent. In some ways, The Mommy Jane has presented the use of marijuana as a healthy option to more harmful habits of stress loss. Anybody remotely interested in learning more about the conversation between cannabis and parenthood should without a doubt follow The Mommy Jane

The Mommy Jane smoking and fighting for parents everywhere
Jessica Gonzalez, AKA The Mommy Jane, fighting on the front lines for pot-smoking parents everywhere.


As more states legalize weed recreationally, we’re seeing an active increase in both interest and usage. What does all this mean for the canna-curious parent? Well, here at KANHA, we suggest you find out for yourself!


Before you fully dive into canna-culture, consider some of these ideas!

The Cannabis Convo

Father and Daughter laugh with one another
A father spends time with his young daughter. (Photo credit: Subscription Boxes For Men)


The first step for many of the moms and dads out there is The Pot Talk. Especially with the use of edibles such as gummies or chocolates. Parents should consider explaining marijuana products the same way they would medicine or alcohol; “Even though these look like candy, they aren’t safe for kids, but adults will take them sometimes to feel funny.” In an interview with High Times, KANHA’s own Chrissy Stone shared an anecdote; “My son looked at the class and then looked back at me, and in his loudest voice said; ‘my mommy sells your mommies and daddies candy that makes them feel funny.’” Couldn’t have said it better myself, Chrissy! Cannabis is a constant convo nowadays, so parents should consider shaping the topic in their own homes. 

Methods of Merriment For Pot Conscious Parents


Smoking cannabis as opposed to consuming an edible.
Smoking cannabis can be an easily controlled method of consumption

Everyone’s situation is different, so the best method of pot use depends on you. For some parents, smoking or vaping is much easier! This allows users to measure out shorter and more consistent effects. Of course, the smoke and smell might not vibe as well with your specific situation. In this case, parents could consider edible use! Especially a fast-acting gummy such as KANHA Nano. This consumption method is safe and requires no other components. When using cannabis in a dynamic environment, less steps are a good thing!






Find a Spot for Your Pot

Demonstration of how parents could use a cannabis safe.
An Easy Home code locked safe

If you have decided to use cannabis at home, consider where you will be keeping your weed. Your first guess is correct; you’re going to want to keep your product stored up high. Many people use kitchen cupboards with no counter access for families with little climbers. Although frustrating for some adults, child-safe packaging is tough to open for a reason! Because of this, it’d be wise to keep your product in its original package. For added security, parents can now buy literal lockboxes or code-locked safes. Keeping medications and harmful substances away from the kids in the home is natural, Marijuana is no different!


A Word of Caution


For first-time pot use, we’d recommend waiting until the kids have gone to bed. Although many parents have loved the increased engagement during playtime, the Canna-Cautious parent should wait for bedtime before partaking. Newcomers should also consider starting with a smaller dose. It’s good to remember that edibles can always be cut in half to keep your dose consistent and safe!
Photo from CBD Oracle’s KANHA Review

When consuming THC or CBD, you will always be the one in charge! The best way to get stoned is going to be what feels safest to you! Remember, nobody knows your family better than you do.

So put those kids to bed. Grab your product from the kitchen cupboard. And most importantly, have fun!


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